“Creativity, we think it’s something that scientists don’t do. But we wouldn’t have anyone on the moon, we wouldn’t have vaccines. There are all kinds of things we wouldn’t have if scientists hadn’t stepped outside of those boxes.”

BGM quoted in “To Capture a Bee: Women, Entomology, and Science Illustration” from 2 Million Blossoms, Autumn 2021

Current Projects

I lead communications and strategic planning initiatives for academic, community development, journalism, and public policy organizations. I study, use, and provide training on transdisciplinary approaches to enhance inclusive approaches to public engagement and inform equitable institutional change. I also teach a range of undergraduate and graduate courses on science communication and public engagement. Check out my current projects here.

Guides + Advice

My collection of guides + advice supports you if you are (1) looking for evidence-based support for integrating drawing into your science field or lab course, (2) aiming to enhance your efforts to inclusively share science, and/or (3) hoping to find some tips based in the actual techniques artists use to sketch.

If you are looking for customized coaching or training, contact me directly to discuss.

CommNatural Blog

The CommNatural blog provides evidence-based resources, think pieces, and inspiration for inclusively sharing science, equitable approaches to organizational management, careers in scicomm, and art-science integration.