Verger Trottier/Trottier's Orchard

 VERGER TROTTIER  Website and print publicity materials (design, photography, text & translation)
Website (design, photography, text & French–>English translation)

Réjean Trottier is pur laine Québeçois, whose family has lived on the chemin du roy (the King’s Highway) between Quebec City and Montreal for generations.  Several years ago, on a bit of a whim, Trottier and his uncle hand built two stone wood-fired ovens on the edge of the property adjacent to the highway.  


Each summer, Verger Trottier produces basketball-sized loaves of crusty bread and apple turnovers from these ovens.  As the season progresses, visitors also have their choice of local produce and products such as apples, squashes, maple syrup from his cousin, soap from a neighbor and whole wheat organic pasta from friends down the road.

We happened to be driving by, one autumn afternoon, and were hooked by the glowing chestnut orbs – fresh bread cooling on a rack alongside fall produce.  While Jerod loaded up on baked goods, I took loads of photographs.

In the end, Mr. Trottier liked the photographs well enough to hire me to develop a website, design marketing materials, and build a year-round portfolio of images of his roadside kiosque.  Visit Verger Trottier online for more images, open season information, and directions.

 VERGER TROTTIER  Brochure for orchard and wood-fired bakery (design & photography)
Brochure (design & photography)

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