Why I love what I do…

I keep going back to look at the website, and spent some time clicking everything just now.  It makes me happy….This is my new happy place.  When I look at the disorderly state of my desk, the website transports me to the calm realm….imagine!

What a website!

It makes you happy.  It magically cleans your desk.  It does yoga in your head. I want one…or two.  Don’t you?

My favorite part is . . . I built that website.

It is for a community-based nonprofit that does great work helping people learn to read and write, and a lot of other fundamentally essential things.

And we just made them a website they’ll be able to manage and update themselves.  A website where folks who need support with essential life skills can find the right number to call for help.  A website where volunteers can find all the necessary forms and other info in one handy place.  A website with a “bloggy thing,” so this organization can toot their own horn a bit, and share the good word about other groups doing good work.

We’re in the final draft phase of this website makeover, and I did a little happy dance when I read the director’s email.

Her reaction is why I do what I do.

And why I (mostly) love doing it.  It is such an incredible feeling to demystify techno-babble, unclutter an organization’s vision of itself, and put it back together online in a sleek contemporary package.  Community-scale nonprofits are where I got my start as a volunteer, community organizer, public speaker, and all around care-about-people-and-planetness.  So, I get a thrill out of it every time I get to help an organization like this one hike its trousers up and take things up a notch.

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