A little bit more about Bethann…

RMF panorama_rs

I grew up leaning into the wind of Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front.  

That is where I developed my passion for the natural world, and for sharing its wonders with others.  Today, I use word craft and images to help people communicate about ecology, sustainable food, and community issues.

I became a communicator and “project catalyst” incrementally.

Working for conservation education and  sustainability nonprofits fueled my passion for planning, proactive brainstorming, and combining art and ecology to help people connect with the world around us.  Later, working with urban sustainability initiatives, research scientists, and a community newspaper showed me how much fun (and work) it is to help frame a message, and to tell a story both clearly and compellingly.

Today, I collaborate with nonprofits, entrepreneurs and scientists to organize outreach and education efforts, plan and execute programs and projects, and develop effective communication strategies.  These projects include writing, editing, photography, illustration, and facilitation work.  It sounds like a lot, but the diversity is stimulating and I love it!

In my free time, I do things that fuel my creativity and keep me engaged in  my community.  Specifically, I read voraciously, and devote plenty of time to growing, hunting, and gathering food.  I make ink and watercolor sketches, and volunteer frequently.  As an author and artist, I contribute to anthologies, magazines, newspapers and collections in Canada and the United States.   I also chronicle the adventures of exploring cultures, ecosystems, and sampling flavors from around the world at www.fruitrootleaf.com.

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