Why I love collaborating on communication projects.

Bethann G. Merkle photoMy approach is grassroots and personal – with an eye toward how local efforts can inform policy – because I firmly believe that well-informed citizens make a difference.

For me, positive change means improving how we communicate about projects, how we plan the next big initiative, and even how individuals perceive their role in keeping our ecosystems viable.

As you will see in my resume and curriculum vitae, my experience with science, conservation, food systems and sustainability spans a decade. My background includes community development facilitation, nonprofit management, and even branding/re-branding campaigns.

I have participated in field research on various North American wildlife species, and have been responsible for the direction and implementation of natural history and sustainability education programs. My native language is American English, and I am functionally fluent in Canadian French. I have provided editorial support to numerous peer-reviewed publications, and I have published extensively in popular media: a mix of writing, photography, and illustration.

I am driven by how we can blend word craft and images to communicate about important, and not always glamorous, conservation developments and issues. To do so, I lead workshops, provide coaching, and write and create images.

Ultimately, my motives are to increase collaboration, improve scientific literacy, and encourage positive action among ordinary citizens, policy makers, and scientists.

So, get in touch with me, and let’s make real connections…between people and projects that matter.  Go ahead, explore your possibilitieslearn why clients love collaborating with mecheck out my portfolio or contact me to get the ball rolling.