How did CommNatural help your project succeed?

My happy clients (current and past) include organizations such as Parks Canada, publications such as Montana Outdoors, and numerous researchers, small businesses and nonprofits across North America.  Click here to see lots of specific things they have said about how my services helped their project succeed.  

Simply leave a comment in the comments section below, and you’ll be live with your two (or two million) cents!

Need a starting point for your feedback?

Consider explaining:

  1. what your project was,
  2. what challenges you faced that I helped you address, and
  3. how the outcome of your project might have been different if you had not invited me to contribute.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Your comments help me better understand how my services can enhance science communication and education efforts!

7 Replies to “How did CommNatural help your project succeed?”

  1. “I love all of your floral renditions [for the next cookbook]! We’ll pick a couple to put on our “Naturalist Recommended Readings” book list as well.”

  2. “I’m really happy with your comments, they contribute to improve a lot the proposal! What you mean is it’s not so much about what I did, but the way to present it and make sure the referee will understand why it’s important. I love it!” re project proposal submitted to European Commission’s Marie Curie Actions International Outgoing Fellowship program

  3. “I just saw your story in the Chronicle-Telegraph. Great job! Nicely written article and we certainly appreciate the good press for the consulate.”

  4. “I keep going back to look at the website, and spent some time clicking everything just now. It makes me happy….This is my new happy place. When I look at the disorderly state of my desk, the website transports me to the calm realm.”

  5. “Thank you very much. Your sentence is exactly what I was trying to translate this weekend without success. So THANK YOU!”

  6. If you need help with your English-language text, Bethann is the best! (And I don’t say that because she is a friend! She really is good at her work.)

  7. “I used your facilitated nature drawing exercises with two groups I taught this weekend at Harvard Forest, and even though I’m not an artist, they thought I was! Thanks for the resources.”

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