“Drawn to Life” workshop: Register now to learn how to record the your life visually

 Drawn to Life

Hosted by the Choteau Community Art Studio

Saturday, May 3rd from 1-4:30 PM


Sketching is not a domain exclusive to
the pros.
Without much training, it is still
possible to draw what 
you see in a way that informs and delights you.

Three white cups_le fun en bouche_tea cupThis workshop offers a casual environment in which to try your hand at sketching and journaling.  Co-instructors Bethann Garramon Merkle and Heather (Garramon) Clark say:

“ANYONE CAN DRAW.  It is like paddling a canoe or dancing the tango – it helps if someone shows you the basics first, and then it’s all about practice.”

In this workshop, you will use words and images to reflect your observations, and don’t worry; it’s not just about nature.  We will cover tips & techniques for drawing your coffee cup, special dinner, squirrel outside the window, or upcoming vacation. Click here for examples of the kind of sketching we’ll do.

Join us to hold this ability in your hands.

Sign up today!

Pre-register in Choteau with Susan Luinstra or scroll down to register online with me.

**No prior drawing experience or other artistic training is required, although more experienced naturalists and artists are also welcome.

**This is a GREAT workshop for teachers interested in incorporating sketching into their classroom activities, even without possessing any drawing experience themselves.

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