Drawn to the West: a syndicated sciart column

If there’s anything I enjoy more than sketching and illustrating the world around me, it’s sharing…

…what I discover or wonder about with others through #scicomm projects and workshops. That’s what compelled me to launch Drawn to Quebec, an illustrated #sciart column about nature and culture, nearly one year ago.

Recently, I unpacked all my art materials, guide books, and gear into a new home on the windswept grasslands of Wyoming. And so I’ve returned to visually capturing what makes life so compelling in the high, dry, and sunny Mountain West of my childhood.

20141123_wind turbines_Judith Gap_clean_sig

That’s why it made perfect sense to transition Drawn to Quebec into Drawn to the West, a syndicated column for residents and aficionados of the Drawn to the West_blog screenshotMountain West.

Thus, I have been writing/illustrating about the ecology, people, cultures, and countless challenges and opportunities of the region (and beyond) since January.

In the course of writing these columns, I’ve toted my sketchbook from Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front (where I grew up) to the red deserts of Arizona (a fascination I married into).

Visually documenting daily life, outdoor observations, and international adventures, is a habit I’ve had the great pleasure of teaching and writing about.

Serviceberry (Amelanchier spp.) is a common wild shrub with tasty fruits appreciated by humans and wildlife alike.
Serviceberry (Amelanchier spp.) is a common wild shrub with tasty fruits appreciated by humans and wildlife alike.
And it’s a habit well-received. The editor of one newspaper which runs my column recently submitted it for a “Best Column” award, and said:

“[Bethann’s] extensive knowledge of the natural world, combined with years’ of teaching experience, enable her to write in a conversational fashion […]. This approach has helped not just our readers, but our staff, feel as though they’re being spoken with (not at), and they’re actively participating.”

D2Q_Something fishy_screenshot

Which is exactly what I am aiming for with Drawn to the West – a shared sense of discovery and exploration.

That is why Drawn to the West is available for syndication in your local paper.20150418_Drawn to the West_Laramie Boomerang_screenshot_rs

If you’d like to read the column, let your local newspaper or magazine editor know you want to see an illustrated version of the West in their publication!

As the Laramie Boomerang special projects editor said when they started running Drawn to the West:

“I think the column is sure to
attract many dedicated readers.”

I have a great time drawing attention to species, places, and issues in the West, and would be delighted to collaborate with you or your local publisher(s) to bring the column to you. Just get in touch via the info on my contact page, and we can get things rolling. Meanwhile, feel free to check out the extra sketches, column excerpts, and behind-the-scenes commentary on www.drawntothewest.com.

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