Mini-workshop: Using Analog Technology (Art!) to Teach Science

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I’ll be teaching a mini-workshop/crash course/ intro session on Wednesday at the University of Wyoming. We don’t have enough time to get too deep into skill-building (only 1.5 hours), so this session aims to get you excited about the idea of building skills (or resurrecting latent skills).

Teaching with Technology Series: Drawn to Science-Using Analog Technology (Art!) to Teach Science:

3/30/2016 ● 12:00-1:30 pm ● Coe Library 506 ● lunch provided for registered participants

Register here.

Hosted by: Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Wyoming

How does drawing/art = technology? Drawing as a process, and drawing materials themselves, are established technologies. With contemporary interest in STEM-to-STEAM on the upswing, innovative uses of established technologies can be as productive in the classroom as newer/digital technologies.

Bethann helps instructors get their heads around low-budget high-value ways of incorporating art into science through the application of a basic drawing techniques toolkit, a shift in thinking toward assessing drawings as learning products (not arts/crafts projects), and ways to facilitate observational drawing even if the instructor doesn’t self-identify as artistic.

During this session, participants will have the opportunity to experience a couple of facilitated observational sketching exercises, followed by a concise orientation to modern research supporting art+science education and/or the historical role of drawing for science (organizers’ choice). A Q&A/discussion will follow, and can focus on whatever aspects of facilitation, assessment, and student engagement participants find most compelling.

This session is part of the Ellbogen’s on-going Invited Presenter series focused on Teaching with Technology.

Register here.

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