BGMerkle_headshot.jpgI am an award-winning artist/communicator fascinated with science and sustainability. I focus on illustrations that demystify how ecosystems work and editorial projects that connect our everyday lives to the natural world. And, I am passionate about teaching researchers, teachers, and the public how to incorporate the arts and humanities into science work and lifestyle.

My award-winning work can be seen in numerous publications, including a college-level writing textbook I co-authored, along with illustrations in books including  And Then There Were None and Wild Migrations: Atlas of Wyoming’s Ungulates. My writing and images have also appeared in publications such as American Scientist, BC NatureBioScienceCamas, Ecology and SocietyFair Chase, Montana Outdoors, Nature, and Western Confluence. Past visual communication projects include photography for Parks Canada and leading professional development trainings for scientists at Harvard Forest, Ecological Society of America annual meetings, and the University of Wyoming’s Science Initiative Summer Teaching Institute.

More information: Follow these links for my detailed bio and portfolio/CV.

Contact me to discuss how to collaborate and brainstorm. Or, connect with me online. Just look for @CommNatural on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+.