Bison ecologists with telemetry, SaskatchewanMy passion is collaborating with working scientists and nonprofits to enhance public science literacy and peer-oriented communication.

I am driven by how we can blend word craft and images to communicate about important, and not always glamorous, conservation developments and issues.

After all, humans think in images.

Our brains understand images faster and remember them longer than words. Thus, images are essential for connecting people to science and sustainability issues and solutions.

To do this, I do the following work:

Ultimately, my motives are to use compelling images to:

  • increase collaboration
  • improve scientific literacy
  • and encourage positive action among ordinary citizens, policy makers, and scientists

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Bethann G. Merkle photoI am an award-winning artist/communicator fascinated with science and sustainability. I focus on illustrations that don’t obscure how ecosystems work and editorial projects that connect readers’ everyday lives to the natural world,

I am particularly passionate about teaching researchers, teachers, and the public how to incorporate drawing into work and lifestyle.

Along with teaching sketching workshops and classes, my passion is creating images that communicate about the natural world, food, and sustainability. Here’s a great example of the type of project I love.

My award-winning work can be seen in numerous publications, including a college-level writing textbook I co-authored and magazines such as American Scientist, BC NatureCamasFair Chase, and Montana Outdoors. I embrace visual communication projects such as doing photography for Parks Canada or leading sketching workshops for scientists at Harvard Forest, Ecological Society of America annual meetings, and the University of Wyoming’s Science Initiative Summer Teaching Institute. Click here for my detailed bio and portfolio/CV.

Contact me to discuss how to incorporate artful communication into your next project or teaching initiative. Or, connect with me online. Just look for @CommNatural on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+.