New to CommNatural?  

Do you really need people to care about what you do, in order for what you do to make a difference to anyone other than your boss?

Do you wish you could explain what you do in less than 30 minutes?

Do you wish you could do something slightly artistic or creative, to make your presentations and outreach materials more engaging?

Are you convinced your work would make significant contributions, but you struggle to write eloquently in English?

Do you need customized images to fully convey what you do?

If you said yes to any of these questions,
I can take the pressure off. 

By hiring me to focus on your message and audience, you can focus on your workEven better, I offer a fresh perspective, a stimulating environment for brainstorming, and I can even create the right images and text to highlight your work.

Contact me today to discuss how we can collaborate to enhance your next communication project.

Handy Links:

The following links are some of the ones my clients tell me are most useful.  If you don’t see what you are looking for below, please contact me directly.

1. Looking for quick advice?  Check out my EcoComm Tips (blog) for examples of compelling communication, tips for how to do it yourself, and a bits of EcoComm inspiration.

2. What kind of work do I do?  I blend images and wordcraft to tell the world about science and sustainability projects.  Take a peek at where I’ve published, what kind of images I make, and where my editing clients have published.

3. What do you get if you hire me?  Check out the top 5 reasons why working with me will reduce stress, enhance your communications, and save you time.

4. What do people think of my work?  Bottom line, I am good at what I do and have fun doing it; my goal is to make sure my clients do, too. See what past clients think of my editing, writing, photography & illustration, and facilitation & instruction.  

5. Great.  But how much?  The honest truth is, it depends.  Are you looking for a copy editor or an essayist?  A photographer or a stock image?  Simply put, my services are customized to your needs, so the best way to know what it might cost is to get in touch.  I’ll work out a free estimate based on precisely what you need, and you’ll know I didn’t use a “cookie cutter” template on your project.

Still have questions or want to talk about your project? Contact me today to brainstorm, request a quote, or ask questions.