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Humans think in images.

Our brains actually understand images faster, and remember images longer, than when the same information is conveyed via words.  Indeed, an estimated 65% of the population can be classified as a visual learner.

There is a good reason for our mental preference for images.

According to scientists from the University of Rochester’s Center for Visual Science, “More than 50% of the surface of the brain is devoted to processing visual information.”

Clearly, the images you use to represent you matter.

In the digital era, photographs are often the image of choice. Photographs that compellingly document and present your work, your institution, your staff, your mission and objectives are essential to maintaining your brand authority and credibility. And using generic stock photographs isn’t always sufficient – more often than not, you will want customized photographs that reflect exactly what you aim to convey.


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If you need engaging photographs and aren’t a photographer, you have two options. I can help with both.

1. Need photos without the hassle? Buy images from a professional.

An award-winning photojournalist, I am available to document your initiatives, events, personnel, and products. Clients like Parks Canada, , the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, and Jeffrey Hale Community Services have been delighted with my work.

2. Need to take better photos yourself? Learn how to maximize the strategic potential of your own photographs.

I offer photography workshops tailored to your needs. Keep reading for a breakdown of workshop components which you can mix and match to create exactly the learning experience you need.


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Above all, participants will walk away with a new-found appreciation for photography as a way of communicating.

Specifically, participants will receive expert instruction in techniques the pros use to make taking photographs, editing them, and using them for communication purposes enjoyable and productive. During the workshop, participants will use the camera they typically use, along with basic (and/or free) photo editing software to record and explore a specific setting or a topic, as pre-determined with the client. Keep reading for a breakdown of workshop components which you can mix and match to create exactly the learning experience you need.


Options 1-3 can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. Require additional customization? Contact me directly.

RECOMMENDED COMBO (can be split into 2 separate sessions): Photography 101 (3 hours) + Social Media intro (0.5 hours) + Photo editing (1.5 hours)


Included in all workshops
  • Overview of copyright laws
  • Difference between using your photo and someone else’s
  • Customization based on client needs, along with availability prior and following the workshop.
OPTION 1: Photography + social media


Possible topics: Using images on social media strategically; social media and copyrights; best practices for social media interactions.

Duration: Available as 0.5, 1-hour and 3-hour sessions. 3-hour session includes hands-on practice preparing/editing photos and posting to social media.

Customize your workshop: The social media section can be tailored for a specific social media platform; time is allocated to actually draft a social media plan.

OPTION 2: Photography 101 Possible topics: Indoor vs. outdoor photography; what a flash can and cannot do; taking (more) flattering photos of people; dealing with shade, sunshine, and bad weather; shifting perspective for more compelling images.

Duration: Available as 0.5, 1-hour and 3-hour sessions. 3-hour session includes hands-on practice taking and editing photos.

Customize your workshop: Photography 101 can be tailored to enhance a specific photography skill.

OPTION 3:    Editing your photographs Possible topics: Free and easy-to-access (primarily online) resources for editing photos; tips and tricks for fast editing; how to re-size photos for common social media platforms; colour vs. black-and-white.

Duration: Available as 0.5, 1-hour and 3-hour sessions. 3-hour session includes extra hands-on practice taking and editing photos, with focus on specific topic prioritized by client.

Customize your workshop: Editing section can be tailored to ensure participants have a strong understanding of a specific editing tool/technique.


  • Workshops can be customized to emphasize a particular aspect of the workshop setting, a topic or theme of choice, etc. Should a customized topic or theme be desired, it is expected that the client will provide adequate resources/information/access to personnel to ensure the instructor understands the material/theme which is to be emphasized.
  • Workshops will be instructed by Bethann G. Merkle. Participant limits (10 max.) are suggested with this in mind.
  • Workshops can be split into multiple sessions, or scheduled more than once.
  • Workshop session fees include: customization of workshops to client needs and expert instruction. The client is expected to provide a camera or smart phone and a computer with access to the internet for each participant. Resources referenced during workshops will be detailed in a digital handout. Should the client prefer print hand-outs or any additional materials, such expenses will be added to the final invoice. Travel expenses outside the photographer’s local area must be covered by the client.
  • The client is expected to provide the instructor access to necessary materials and spaces free of charge in order to research/prepare for the workshops. Should there be any concern with this, please notify the instructor as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made.

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With over a decade of photography and strategic communications experience, I love helping communicate compellingly by using images tailored to your message.

An award-winning photojournalist, illustrator, and communications consultant, my specialties are 1) communication for nonprofits and other community-based organizations and 2) science/sustainability communication. I have led educational workshops and classes for organizations across the continent such as the Ecological Society of America, the Boone and Crockett Club and the US Consulate (Quebec City).

I am delighted that my current and past image clients include Parks Canada, The Nature Conservancy, the Boone and Crockett Club, American Scientist and a host of organizations, publications, and individuals across North America. I invite you to explore my website for: client testimonials, my photography portfolio, and information about my supplemental services.