Workshops: Sketching & Journaling

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Would you like to draw, to capture what happens around you? The places you go? The things you see?

What if I told you that you absolutely can draw, even if you’ve never drawn before?

You’d probably say, “Sounds neat, but I’m not an artist…”

Well, you might be right. But so am I.

Everyone can sketch, even you. It could be argued that humans are actually born knowing how to draw. Our ability to draw goes back even further. Archaeological records indicate that drawing was the first visual representation method.

That being said, modern drawing basics are learned, not inherited.

Fundamental skills, techniques, and knowledge of different media (ex: watercolors, pencils, pen and ink) can be taught, practiced, and improved upon. Thanks to this combination of your childhood aptitude and basic drawing techniques, anyone can learn to make a sketch.

That’s nifty, but how do you get started, right?

Because I’m convinced that you can draw, and do so well enough to enjoy it, I offer personalized sketching workshops and lessons for people like you. I work with people who want to learn to sketch, sketch on-location, learn to keep an illustrated travel or nature journal, or even use their sketches further scientific efforts.

What do you get?

  • I emphasize sketching on-location, often en plein air (outdoors). This means we’ll spend our workshop/lesson time somewhere you want to focus on. You might decide to sketch a local landmark, a familiar park, or your neighborhood library.
  • Introductory sketching exercises that ensure even total beginners have a basic “tool kit.” If you have some drawing experience, these exercises will help you warm up and might help you see your surroundings in a new way.
  • Personalized instruction on basic techniques such as shading, making things look three dimensional, and tips for sketching quickly. We can also work on specific subjects such as birds, trees, or even your coffee cup – that’s up to you.
  • Experience making an illustrated sketchbook entry that combines words and images. Think of a travel sketchbook or a naturalist’s sketchbook, complete with colored sketches and handwritten notes. By the time we’re done, you will have at least one page in your sketchbook that combines words and images in a visually satisfying way.

How does it work?

Please consider the following questions, and then contact me so we can discuss how to best get you sketching!

  • How many people? Do you want a group workshop (2+ people) or a private lesson?
  • How long do you want to sketch? I offer 1, 2, or 3 hour sessions. If you only want to sketch with me once, I recommend a minimum of 2 hours, so we can get you off on the right track.
  • Do you have your own materials? If not, you are welcome to purchase my basic kit (sketchbook, pen, pencil, eraser). If you don’t have your own, I can loan you coloured pencils.
  • Do you want to sketch indoors or outside?
  • Do you have a specific location in mind?
  • Is there something specific you want to learn about, or something in particular you want to draw? Ex: how to shade objects, how to make something look far away, or how to draw a tree.

Feeling inspired and ready to start sketching?

Contact me today!