Use & Reproduction Policy

If you like any CommNatural content and would like to reproduce it, please review the following information.

Once you have reviewed the Use & Reproduction policy, feel free to contact me with your reproduction request. Be sure to specify the images, writing, or other content in which you are interested, so I can fully respond to your request.

Please contact me to ask permission before using any content or images.  

  • Please note, images used on this website that belong to clients or collaborators may not be available for reproduction.
  • I am pleased to support education efforts through sharing content and providing pro bono services as feasible within my financial planning and donation constraints.  However, I still expect those involved with nonprofit educational efforts to request and receive permission to use my content prior to any use or reproduction.
  • Most images and content are available for licensing, editorial use, and fine art prints.  Please contact me for details.

Copyright Declaration

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