Despite research demonstrating how effective drawing can be for learning and for assessment, a lot of people avoid incorporating this powerful visualization tool because they themselves don’t draw.

That is why…I work with collaborators at the University of Wyoming and beyond to enable others to incorporate sketching into:

  • data collection
  • publications
  • public engagement efforts
  • science learning process for students
  • assessment of how science students are synthesizing what they’re being taught

My approach is to provide a basic foundation in sketching skills, and then focus on how non-artists can effectively utilize sketching or facilitate sketching for their students.

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“What I really appreciate is what you bring to workshops, Bethann — a structured, interactive, androgogical approach to everything you do. It is in our ability to find other workshop facilitators like you that will enable us to stand out: if only it were that simple.” M. Thibeau, executive director; community development & entrepreneurship organization (Canada)