Awards & Recognition



  • American Heritage Center Student Research Award
  • Art-Science Integration Specialist for University of Wyoming Art Museum’s Summer Teaching Institute; 1 of 3 faculty
  • Biodiversity Institute Art Grant
  • Center for Global Studies Nielson Family international research grant
  • Co-editor, UW English 1010 textbook/teaching curriculum; 1 of 3 editorial committee members
  • College of Arts & Sciences International Studies Grant
  • Creative writing residency at the AMK Ranch, University of Wyoming/National Park Service research center
  • Invited keynote panel & workshop, Wyoming chapter of The Wildlife Society annual conference
  • Invited lecture: “Drawn to Science: Exploring Historical and Contemporary Synergies between Art, Creativity, and Science,” UW Zoology/Physiology
  • Invited workshop: “Drawn to Biodiversity”; University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute
  • Invited workshop: “Drawn to Science: Using Analog Technology (art!) to Teach and Learn Science”; UW Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning
  • MFA in Creative Writing Program (2015-2017); one of ten admitted applicants (out of >300); UW
  • Renaissance Weekend invitation
  • “Promoting Intellectual Engagement in the First Year” teaching award; blind nomination by students; 170+ nominees, 26 awardees; UW


  • UW Art Museum’s Art-Science Symposium/Initiative planning committee; only student on committee comprised of faculty/staff from numerous UW departments (2015-2017)
  • College of Arts and Sciences International Studies Grant; UW
  • Creative Writing Program research travel grant; UW
  • Creative Writing Program project grant; UW
  • Elected Secretary of the Ecological Society of America’s Science Communication Section
  • Invited workshop: “Drawn to Biodiversity”; University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute


  • 3rd place for Best News Photo (2012) for photo of major cycling race. Judge said, “The vibrancy of this photograph is gripping. Yes, the photographer should be credited with pulling out the stops to get this wonderfully aligned pack of cyclists. But the real joy of this photo lies in the endless colour bursts within arrested action, laid out against that luscious green backdrop.” (view photo in article)

Outstanding Photojournalism Award_QCNA (2012)


  • 2nd place for Best Sports Story (2012) on burgeoning local roller derby scene. Judge said, “Bethann G. Merkle does an excellent job looking at the revitalized sport of women’s roller derby. By focusing on athlete Stephanie Ewen, she gives some insight into what the athletes go through in the sport with training and competition, as well as taking a brave and accurate step in touching on the social issues of an anglophone fitting in within a team environment in Quebec City.” (view article)
  • QCT receives 5 awards at QCNA_QCT (06.11.2014)_5‘Best of the Best’ writing award, University of Montana (2006)