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Awards & Honors


  • Invited Lead, Training Section, “Strategy Development: Increasing the Impact of Public Engagement Within and Beyond ESA,” Ecological Society of America (4-person committee funded by ESA; I am leading a team of ~10 people to develop a white paper about training for science communication and engagement within ESA)
  • Participant, OCEANDOTCOMM professional science communicators training residency, Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. Participation by application only (42 accepted out of 75 applicants).
  • Chair, Communication and Engagement Sectino, Ecological Society of America (effective 8/2017-9/2018)
  • Committee member, Committee on Diversity and Education, Ecological Society of America


  • Chair, Communication and Engagement Section, Ecological Society of America (effective 8/2017-9/2018)
  • Director; co-founder; Wyoming ScienceCommunication Initiative (WySCI), University of Wyoming
  • Creative writing residency at Shortgrass Steppe Longterm Ecological Research Site
  • Invited plenary: “Drawn to Science: How changes in communication and associated technology through time has shaped how we engage with the public and each other”; American Fisheries Society (western division)
  • Invited symposium speaker/panelist: “Drawn to Illustrations: Tips and Techniques for Enhancing Your Approach to Visuals”; American Fisheries Society (western division)
  • Invited Ignite speaker/panelist: “Drawn to science: Exploring historical and contemporary synergies between drawing, creativity, and science”; Ecological Society of America
  • Invited lecture: “The Ecologically True Story of the Tortoise and the Hare” ; Wyoming Humanities Council


  • American Heritage Center Student Research Award
  • Art-Science Integration Specialist: Art Museum’s Summer Teaching Institute; University of Wyoming
  • Biodiversity Institute Art Grant
  • Center for International Studies research travel grant
  • Co-editor, English 1010 textbook/teaching curriculum; 1 of 3 editorial committee members; University of Wyoming
  • Creative Writing Program research travel grant; University of Wyoming
  • Creative writing residency at AMK Ranch (University of Wyoming/National Park Service Research Center)
  • Invited lecture: “Drawn to Science: Exploring Historical and Contemporary Synergies between Art, Creativity, and Science,” UW Zoology/Physiology Department.
  • Invited workshop: “Drawn to Science: Using Analog Technology (art!) to Teach and Learn Science”; UW Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Renaissance Weekend invitation
  • “Promoting Intellectual Engagement in the First Year” teaching award; blind nomination by students; 170+ nominees, 26 awardees; UW
  • Selected for inclusion in Poems Across the Big Sky (2); due out Autumn 2016 from Many Voices Press; (>1,200 submissions; ~250 poems selected)


  • Art Museum’s Art-Science Symposium/Initiative planning committee; only student on committee comprised of faculty/staff from numerous UW departments (2015-2017)
  • College of Arts and Sciences International Studies Grant; UW
  • Best Environmental Reporting for “An eel is an eel is an eel, or is it?”; Quebec Community Newspaper Association (QCNA), 3rd place
  • Creative Writing Program research travel grant; UW
  • Creative Writing Program project grant; UW
  • Elected Secretary of the Ecological Society of America’s Science Communication Section


  • Best Special Section, 1st place; QCNA award for 250th anniversary special edition magazine I edited/coordinated for the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, North America’s oldest newspaper
  • Best Community Newspaper Promotion, 1st place; QCNA award for year-long 250th anniversary campaign I coordinated for the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph
  • National journalism award; Newspapers Canada/Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation
  • Feature photograph on back cover; Montana Outdoors annual photography issue

2013 and earlier

  • Best Business Column or Feature, 1st place; QCNA
  • Best Investigative or In-depth Reporting, 2nd place; QCNA
  • Best Newspaper Promotion, 2nd place; QCNA
  • Best Special Section, 3rd place; QCNA
  • Commissioned photography project in Prince Albert National Park; Parks Canada
  • Best Newspaper Promotion, 2nd place (2012); QCNA
  • Best Sports Story, 2nd place (2012); QCNA
  • Outstanding Photojournalism award (2012); QCNA
  • Best Sports Photograph, 2nd place (2012) – QCNA
  • Best News Photo, 3rd place (2012) – QCNA
  • ‘Best of the Best’ writing assessment award (2006) – University of Montana
  • Numerous academic scholarships throughout undergraduate career – University of Montana