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Her Flag

36 states ratified the 19th amendment. 36 female artists designed stripes for a massive flag to commemorate these states. I was selected to design Wyoming’s stripe!

My design honors 36 women who inspired and informed my own understanding of equality. These women are all modern women, such as my sisters, mom, aunts, mother-in-law, mentors, and collaborators. Some of these women taught me to empower other women. A few taught me about natural history. One taught me how to teach people about science. Another taught me how to garden, and one introduced me to bluegrass.

Intertwined throughout the stripe, I also added familiar elements of biodiversity that make a place home, such as local wildflowers, the Wyoming toad, ladybug, chickadee, Indian paintbrush, beaver, yucca seed, bison, pronghorn, and more. The background is made of 36 four-patch quilt squares, sewn from my great grandmother’s quilt scraps.

More details are available in the following links:

School of the High Plains

Collaborative Public Art | Mural | Laramie, WY

In spring 2017, I was one of 13 artists commissioned by the Laramie Mural Project to design and paint a component of the expansion of the downtown Laramie “Gill Street” mural, which features fish designed to evoke Wyoming icons. My design depicts a group of five pronghorn along their ~100-mile migration route – the Path of the Pronghorn. The mural was dedicated in August 2018. Details here.

Community Action Through Public Art

Collective Action Public Art-Making | Fiber Arts | Women’s March

Lander Main Street Art-Science Project

Public Art | Digitally Reproduced Sketchbook Pages | Lander, WY

I was commissioned through competitive application to provide artwork for a downtown beautification project.

  • Top row: 9th and Main – Hayfield Rosé and Wild Rose Hip(sters) are a pair of field sketches which celebrate late summer in the Mountain West. When the roses are both blooming and putting on seed, and hay ripening and ready to cut, the bounty of wild and cultivated foods makes it easy to see Wyoming through a rose-tinted lens.
  • Bottom row: 4th and Main – Thunder Comin’ In is a composite of two field sketches created while watching summer thunderstorms build. Wyoming’s expansive viewsheds provide prime opportunities for weather-watching and sketching storms while staying safe and dry. These paintings were made in pen and ink, graphite, and watercolor, and they epitomize the dynamic nature of Wyoming’s summers.