"Dear Digit"

Dear Digit sketch_5

Dear Digit is a “question-and-answer” column I write for the Montana Arts Council’s quarterly publication, State of the Arts.  The column provides resources, ideas and tips to address digital communications questions from an arts perspective.

On planet Earth, technology is increasingly an essential tool and a phenomenal distraction.  For some, technology is the nemesis – the necessary evil – while for others, it is a golden brush.  Regardless of whether you are an early-adopter or a content Luddite, the rate at which the digital world is evolving leaves us all with questions.

I proposed Dear Digit because I have stacks of ideas for articles about how basic computer programs, online platforms like Google, and even social media can enhance art-based communication efforts.  Enough that I couldn’t decide where to start.  So I am looking to you to send in your ideas, frustrations, and burning questions.



Complete the form below to have it considered for the column.  If your question is pressing, feel free to contact me directly about consulting options.

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