Using quality materials makes sketching a little bit easier, because
these materials are designed to produce visually appealing drawings.

That’s why I stock art-quality materials you can purchase, if you like.
I offer sketching kits comprising the following materials:

  • 2fed8-dsc_4081_cr_c_rsSketchbook
  • Permanent ink pen
  • Watercolor pencils in red, yellow, and blue (water soluble, easier to use than watercolor pigments if you are new to the medium)
  • Watercolor brush
  • 2H drawing pencil
  • Art gum eraser
  • Transparency film
  • Wet-erase marker
  • Water cup
  • Brush-dabbing cloth
  • Large resealable plastic bag (to keep everything organized and dry!)

*If you are participating in one of my workshops, these materials will be available for purchase or may be included in the participation fee.

Order your sketching kit today!

If you are looking for sketching supplies for your own use, I’m happy to ship a sketching kit to you. Click the images below to order your kit and/or sketching guide today.

Field journal basics cover
$11.95 per download; click here for details.
$15.00 + s&h     Sketching kit with soft-cover sketchbook (Art Alternatives mixed-media paper; 8.5″x5.5″)
$30.00 +s&h       Sketching kit with hard-cover sketchbook (Stillman & Birn Alpha Series watercolor  paper; 6″x9″)


If you want to shop for your own art-quality materials:

Outdoor Education: Children learning about nature

  • Here’s a link to the kind of materials I recommend if you are getting started or want to enhance your sketching/journal keeping.
  • Anything you have will do! Truthfully, anything you can draw with and draw on will do, (regardless of brand/quality). So, as long as you have the following you’ll be fine:
  1. Sketchbook with blank pages (You can find lots of options at craft shops if you don’t want to pay art store prices. Just note that using watercolor on cheap sketchbook paper isn’t a good idea – the paper doesn’t allow watercolor to behave the way it should, which complicates your efforts.)
  2. Pencils/eraser
  3. Colored pencils, crayons, or markers (any are fine, and crayons actually provide some neat effects)
  4. Permanent ink pen (ball point or Sharpie fine-tip marker pens are best; black is preferable, but any dark color is okay).