Philosopy & Interests

Bottom line: Science and sustainability matter, and the world needs to know about them.  That is why I want to help with your communication project.

Interests & Specialties

  • Art:
    • Drawing, illlustration and sketching
    • Photography
    • Use of field journals and basic sketching to help observers learn more about their surroundings (citizens, artists, scientists, etc.)
  • Ecology & Other Sciences:
    • Biological sciences
    • Natural history
    • Scientists and citizens dedicated to studying Earth’s systems
    • Intersection between community development, sustainable agriculture and landscape conservation
  • Food & Sustainability:
    • Cooking
    • Local food
    • Sustainable food systems
    • Wild-harvesting
    • DIY ‘urban homesteading’ skills (animal husbandry, composting, gardening, preserving, etc.)
  • Facilitation & Management
    • Idea development
    • Leadership skills
    • Multicultural exchange
    • Networking
    • Nonprofits
    • Project development
    • Programs
    • Strategic visioning & planning
    • Volunteers


  • “I can tell you’re good at sketches, and for sketches, it’s like writing a good summary.  You need to extract the graphical core of what you’re seeing!”  M. Basille, ecological research scientist
  • “Really have appreciated your most valuable input. You are clear, concise, and have a wealth of wisdom; awesome job!”  L. Sentz, Neighbors Helping Neighbors co-founder and board chair;