Editorial Contributions

Manuscripts for which I have provided editorial support have been published or are in press in a range of peer-reviewed journals and popular publications.  Presentations which I have supported have been made at conferences across North America.


  • African Journal of Ecology
  • Animal Conservation
  • Atlas of Ungulate Migration: Wyoming’s Ungulates
  • BC Nature
  • Centre d’étude de la fôret
  • Ecology Letters
  • Fair Chase
  • Human-Wildlife Interactions
  • International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation
  • Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development
  • Journal of Foodborne Pathogens and Disease
  • Journal of Food Protection
  • Journal of Mammalogy
  • Journal of Peasant Studies
  • Journal of Wildlife Management
  • Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph
  • The Society Pages, Literary and Historical Society of Quebec
  • The Wildlife Society Bulletin
  • Ursus


  • Ecological Society of America (Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2013)
  • Plenary and regular presentations at The Wildlife Society Annual Conference (Portland, Oregon, 2012)
  • The Wildlife Society Annual Conference (Waikoloa, Hawaii, 2011)
  • City Club Missoula (Missoula, Montana, 2010) – my own, and that of another speaker (separate presentations)
  • Environmental Studies lecture series, University of Montana (Missoula, Montana, 2010) – my presentation
  • Montana student chapter of The Wildlife Society (Missoula, 2010)
  • The Wildlife Society Annual Conference (Snowbird, Utah, 2010)
  • Emerging Issues across Rural-Urban Interfaces (Altlanta, GA, 2010)
  • Urban Wildlife Ecology and Management Conference (Amherst, Massachusetts, 2009)
  • Montana Chapter of the Wildlife Society 2009 Joint Meeting (Kalispell, MT, 2009)


NOTE: Consulting expertise is limited to communications services in English.


“We’re on the same page I think [re the manuscript referred to you for revision]. It is much more readable now thanks to you. I’m glad [the author] was able hire you to edit it! That did make my job much easier.” D. Hilchey, editor in chief, Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development