Humans think in images.

Our brains actually understand images faster, and remember images longer, than words.* As a result, our image choices are fundamental to communicating the significance of our work.

To share stories about science, the people who do it, and how we can use science in public decision-making, I create  customized illustrations like the magazine spread above. I make photographs that grab people’s attention, build connections, and share science in more documentary ways. I also love teaching and coaching that helps researchers and educators develop their capacity to make compelling images.

Humans have made drawings for eons, and our fascination with them persists. My drawings highlight aspects of a subject that are hard to capture with a photograph, and provide viewers compelling and informative images. More>>

Combined with the right words, photographs can and do make a difference. They connect us to each other, compel us to reconsider our biases and assumptions, and raise our awareness about what it means to share our humanity and be an earth citizen. I’m interested in projects and collaborations that explore these connections. More>>

I have won awards for:

  • Outstanding photojournalism
  • Best community newspaper promotion
  • Best news photo
  • Best sports story
  • Best sports photo

My commissioned and published photographs and illustrations have been used for:

  • Articles (journals, magazines & newspapers)
  • Books
  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Calendars
  • Children’s books
  • Fine art (originals and limited edition prints)
  • Greeting cards
  • Logos
  • Newsletters
  • Posters (scientific and advertising/outreach)
  • Presentations
  • Promotional materials (postcards, mailers, media ads, etc.)
  • Reports
  • Websites
  • Wedding invitations and related items

My images, graphic design & professional development trainings have been used by 30+ entities, including:

1. American Association for the Advancement of Science
2. American Scientist (Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society)
3. BC Nature (Federation of British Columbia Naturalists)
4. Biodiversity Institute, University of Wyoming
5. Boone and Crockett Club
6. Camas – A Journal of the West
7. Center for Forest Research/Centre d’étude de la fôret, Université Laval
8. Ecological Society of America’s Communication and Engagement Section
9. Environmental Studies Program, University of Montana
10. Eos – a peer-reviewed journal of the American Geophysical Union
11. Fair Chase, Boone & Crockett Club
12. Garden City Harvest
13. Glacier Institute
14. Guild of Natural Science Illustrators
15. Harvard University Forest
16. Montana Outdoors, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
17. Mother Earth News
18. Oregon State University Press
19. Science Initiative Summer Teaching Institute and Learning Actively Mentoring Program,
University of Wyoming
20. The Globe and Mail
21. The Nature Conservancy of Montana
22. The Wildlife Professional
23. The Wildlife Society’s Student Development Working Group
24. University of New Mexico Press
25. Parks Canada
26. Smithsonian magazine
27. Sturgeon River Bison Stewards
28. Summer Teaching Institute, University of Wyoming Art Museum
29. University of Wyoming
30. University of Wyoming Racoon Project
31. US Consulate in Québec City
32. Watershed Education Network
33. Western Confluence
34. Western Division of the American Fisheries Society
35. Wilderness Institute, University of Montana
36. Wyoming Chapter of The Wildlife Society
37. Wyoming Migration Initiative