Humans think in images.

Our brains actually understand images faster, and remember images longer, than when the same information is conveyed via words.  Indeed, an estimated 65% of the population can be classified as a visual learner.

There is a good reason for our mental preference for images.

According to scientists from the University of Rochester’s Center for Visual Science, “More than 50% of the surface of the brain is devoted to processing visual information.”

Clearly, the images you use to represent you matter.

In the digital era, photographs are often the image of choice. Photographs that compellingly document and present your work, your institution, your staff, your mission and objectives are essential to maintaining your brand authority and credibility. And using generic stock photographs isn’t always sufficient – more often than not, you will want customized photographs that reflect exactly what you aim to convey.


If you can’t take engaging photographs, you have two options. I can help with both.

1. Need photos without the hassle? Buy images from a professional.

An award-winning photojournalist, I am available to document your initiatives, events, personnel, and products. Clients like Parks Canada, Prince Albert National Park, the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, and Jeffrey Hale Community Services have been delighted with my work.

Click here to view my portfolio and learn more about my specialties.

2. Need to take better photos yourself? Learn how to maximize the strategic potential of your own photographs.

I offer photography workshops tailored to your needs. Examples include how to take more interesting photographs, how to take good photos of people, how to include photos in your social media posts, and how to plan ahead for good event photos.

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Check out my workshop components. You can mix and match to create exactly the learning experience needed for you or your team.