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Merkle, B.G. 26 June 2013.  Canadian Tire jump starts youth sports.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 12 June 2013.  Augustinian Sisters unveil details of monastery renovation.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 01 May 2013.  Annual spring tree giveaway.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 01 May 2013.  Judging books by their covers.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 01 May 2013.  Commemorative run to American consulate.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 10 April 2013.  Adult Learners’ Week celebrates lifelong learning.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 27 March 2013.  La Défilé-de-la-Saint-Patrick in photos.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6 & 7.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 06 March 2013. A new tradition-Augustine sisters’ holistic wellness centre. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 12. (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  06 March 2013. Bilingual concerns over Bill 14 voiced at DDO.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 12. (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  27 February 2013. St. Pat’s has all that jazz.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  27 February 2013. Language is a bridge, Part II.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 3. (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  27 February 2013. CQSB chairman explains battle over Bill 14.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 20 February 2013.  Language is a bridge: Part I.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1. (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  06 February 2013.  Carnival continues to be “Star of Winter.”  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 15.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  06 February 2013.  Community can “Learn it, Do it!” at Eastern Quebec Learning Centre.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 10. (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  06 February 2013.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper visits Quebec City and Lévis.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 7.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 06 February 2013.  Extracurricular activities energize Holland Elementary.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 02 January 2013.  Make the ‘Gift of Reading’ a New Year’s resolution.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 28 November 2012.  Partnership, community identity, and communication surface as key themes at 2012 Future Forum.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 21 November 2012. Local seniors enjoy firsthand experience with Japanese culture.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 21 November 2012.  Success of Senior Information Day underscores importance of information and support for local seniors.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 21 November 2012. Sillery artists host annual sale.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 31 October 2012. A look at the QCWC Book Fair.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 17 October 2012. Anyone for…ice skating?  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 03 October 2012. Spotlight on local programs for seniors. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 3. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 29 August 2012. International Literacy Day has local significance. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8 (view article) (Related: QCRC honoured by CQSB)

Merkle, B.G. 15 August 2012. An inside look at Quebec City’s Roller Derby League. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 7. (view article) (Related: Short shorts, tight tights, and roller skates, oh my!)

Merkle, B.G. 08 August 2012. Developpement St-Michael and the future of Espace St-Michael. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 25 July 2012. TRANSAT Québec- Saint-Malo, a photo essay. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article) (Related: Looking from the harbor at an epic race)

Merkle, B.G. 11 July 2012. Small Town 4th of July. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 3. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 27 June 2012. The Odd Couple in the Cathedral Close (Aldo the Donkey). Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 06 June 2012. Biker puts kindness of Canadians to the test. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 7. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 06 June 2012. “A good problem to have” – VEQ AGM and board member election. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 3. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 23 May 2012. BIG deal: Local resources available to support English-language small businesses. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 3. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 18 May 2012. Young local writers impress at ImagiNation Writing Contest awards ceremony. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 16 May 2012. Community rushes headlong to participate in third Défi Holland. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1, 4 (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 09 May 2012. Jane’s Walk hits the streets of Quebec City. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4 (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 02 May 2012. Budding scientists explore their interests at Holland Elementary. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 25 April 2012. Quebec City Reading Council honoured for services supporting local adult learners. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 04 April 2012. Quebec Historic Martial Arts Symposium takes a swing at the past. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 21 March 2012. “Irish for a Day”: Quebec City’s St. Patrick’s Parade, Part II. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1-2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 14 March 2012. “Back to Irish Roots”: Quebec City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Part I. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1) (view article)