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Merkle, B.G. 21 June 2013.  Whole Measures only partially measures up.  Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.  (view article on JAFSCD website)

Merkle, B.G. 12 June 2013.  Conserving Quebec’s caribou, Part III: A taste of heritage.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 11. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 15 May 2013.  Taste of Heritage: Local chef creates Japanese fusion at EQLC.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 01 May 2013.  Spring into gardening.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 17 April 2013.  Taste of Heritage: Local food has a long history.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 10 April 2013.  A Taste of Heritage: behind the lens with Allison Van Rassel.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 27 March 2013.  Expo helps Quebecers to “eat healthy & live green.”  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 12. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 20 March 2013.  A world to see, and to drink.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 20 March 2013.  Canadians among top Crashed Ice skaters.  Quebec  Chronicle-Telegraph: 4.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 13 March 2013.  Freshen up your greens this St. Patrick’s Day.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 13. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 13 March 2013.  Building the Crashed Ice “benchmark.”  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 06 March 2013.  Red Bull, downhill at breakneck speed.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 11. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 06 March 2013.  Tire sur la neige: the sweeter side of winter.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 20 February 2013.  St. Hubert Derby no ordinary sleigh ride.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 13 February 2013.  A plateful for Pancake Day.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 11. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 13 February 2013.  Flipping flapjacks-Calgary’s carnival tradition.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 7. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 06 February 2013.  More than love letters.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 11.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 30 January 2013. A savoury taste of Scottish tradition.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 02 January 2013.  Resolve to make a difference – 10 simple ideas for 2013.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 7 November 2012. Homemade treats can help your jack-o-lanterns “save face”. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6. (view article) (Related: When Artists Cook postReducing seasonal food waste)

Merkle, B.G. 10 October 2012. The autumn garden – winding down and planning ahead.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 9. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 10 October 2012.  Touring the Bay of Fundy with one of Nova Scotia’s wine industry pioneers.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 01 October 2012. When Artists Cook: Harvest Abundance (and what to do about it). Dion Dior & More.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 26 September 2012. Local harvests will be put to good use. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 26 September 2012. Local youth play key role in annual “Friendship Harvest”. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 12 September 2012.  Grand Prix more than just a ‘ride in the park’.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 29 August 2012. Flavours of Quebec highlighted during Farmers Market Week. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 08 August 2012. When Artists Cook: Coming of age in kitchens. Dion Dior & More. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 01 August 2012. Local foundations cultivate community through Mission jardins urbainsQuebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 11 July 2012. A not-so-secret garden at Domaine Cataraqui. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4. (view article) (Related: Local harvests will be put to good use)

Merkle, B.G. 06 June 2012. “Quebec’s Lobster – Truly Good”. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 30 May 2012. Early harvests add local flavour to your menu. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 7. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 16 May 2012. Quebec City moves “Step by Step towards Fair Trade”. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 25 April 2012. Urban Gardening: Growing beyond the traditional backyard garden. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 11 April 2012. “Faith in a seed” contributes to diversity of local gardens. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 04 April 2012. Garden planning – one key element in a local diet. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 04 April 2012. High Spirits at first Quebec Whisky Day. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. April 2012.  “Inspire, Expire…” (Ayn-speer, ex-speer).  Once upon a time anthology, Blue Metropolis Foundation: 47-48. (view essay) (view complete anthology)

Merkle, B.G. 21 March 2012. Quebec Whisky Day: a one-of-a- kind event. Quebec Chronicle Telegraph: 3. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 14 March 2012. St. Patrick’s Table: Tips for a truly green holiday feast. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 9. (view article)