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Merkle, B.G. 26 June 2013.  QCT writer on the bison trail.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 12 June 2013.  Conserving Quebec’s caribou, Part III: A taste of heritage.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 11. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 05 June 2013.  Conserving Quebec’s caribou, Part II: Woodland caribou not “out of the woods. ”  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 29 May 2013.  Up close and personal with a caribou researcher, part I.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 01 May 2013.  Birds of a feather flock to good weather.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 03 April 2013.  A dog’s-eye view.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 16 January 2013.  Orcas iced in: a hot topic in the frozen North.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  16 January 2013.  Knee deep in snow in the Vallée Bras-du-Nord.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. and J. A. Merkle.  21 November 2012.  Conservation photography as more than just a hobby, part II.  Early Career Ecologists.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. and J. A. Merkle.  12 November 2012.  Conservation photography as more than just a hobby, part I.  Early Career Ecologists.  (view article)

Merkle, J. A., P. R. Krausman, and B. G. Merkle.  Autumn 2012.  How ‘bout them apples: Insights on reducing human-bear conflicts.  Fair Chase Fall: 73-77.  (view article) Complete details about this study are available here.

Merkle, B.G. 22 August 2012. Laval University students study unique bison herd. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 3. (view article) (Related: ‘Chasing Bison’ field notes available hereresearch details available here)

Merkle, B.G. 13 June 2012. Good Heavens!  Celestial activity is still relevant. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 02 May 2012. Budding scientists explore their interests at Holland Elementary. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article) (Related: Défi Holland fundraiser)

Merkle, B.G. 13 June 2012. GAIA takes ‘global perspective’ to new heights. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 02 May 2012. Local students address the “Kestrel Conundrum”. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article) (Related: The Kestrel Conundrum)

Merkle, B.G. 21 March 2012. All in a name: a closer look at spring. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 07 March 2012. On the trail at Forêt Montmorency. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 7. (view article)