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Merkle, B.G. 12 June 2013.  Fishing in the QCT archives.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 11.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 15 May 2013.  350th anniversary of arrival of Filles du Roy (photographs).  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 15 May 2013.  Bloomsday Montreal invites Quebec City.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 10 April 2013.  QAC earnestly prepares for spring production.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 06 March 2013. A new tradition-Augustine sisters’ holistic wellness centre. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 12. (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  06 March 2013. Bilingual concerns over Bill 14 voiced at DDO.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 12. (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  27 February 2013. Language is a bridge, Part II.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 3. (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  27 February 2013. CQSB chairman explains battle over Bill 14.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 20 February 2013.  Language is a bridge: Part I.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 30 January 2013.  Colorful celebration an auspicious start to Japanese New Year.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4. (view article).

Merkle, B.G. 30 January 2013. A savoury taste of Scottish tradition.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 30 January 2013. Sketchers align with local history.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 16 January 2013.  Anglican Church stands with First Nations.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 09 January 2013.  Written in stone: Canadian highlights in Washington, D.C.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8.  (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 12 December 2012. A sumptuous chronology of Art and Nature in the Middle Ages.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 9. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 12 December 2012. ‘Merrily on High’ – Local bells ring as part of a grand tradition.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 05 December 2012. Villa Bagatelle pastel exhibit offers ‘door into the world’.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 05 December 2012. Artist explains vision behind QAC posters.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 05 December 2012. Thanksgiving Americana.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 21 November 2012. Local seniors enjoy firsthand experience with Japanese culture.  Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 21 November 2012. Green Roof cultural salons open to all. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 14 November 2012. Maestra on the rise-local musician taps crowdfunding to pursue conducting career. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 24 October 2012. Local insight into Admiral Nelson’s romantic mystery. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 17 October 2012. The Kruzenshtern: history afloat. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 3. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 10 October 2012. Looking forward to the Quebec Jazz Festival. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 03 October 2012. Monarchs and Mayhem at the Morrin Centre. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 15 August 2012. A glimpse of Quebec City through the eyes of Harold Rhéaume. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article) (Related: see 18 July 2012 modern dance article)

Merkle, B.G. 25 July 2012. TRANSAT Québec- Saint-Malo, a photo essay. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 18 July 2012. Sketches worth a thousand words. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article) (Related: Sketching Jeanne d’Arc’s Park)

Merkle, B.G.  18 July 2012. A modern dance interpretation of Quebec’s history. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article) (Related: see 15 August 2012 H. Rhéaume article)

Merkle, B.G. 20 June 2012. Concert confirms Michel Legrand has still got ‘it’. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 7. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 13 June 2012. GAIA takes ‘global perspective’ to new heights. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 13 June 2012. In Wonderland curators gaze down the rabbit hole. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4 (view article) (Related: see MNBAQ public mural article)

Merkle, B.G. 30 May 2012. “Bach to Broadway” raised the roof at St. Andrew’s Church. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 5. (view article)

Merkle, B.G.  30 May 2012. MNBAQ public mural is a peek into ‘Wonderland’. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 4. (view article) (Related: see ‘In Wonderland’ article)

Merkle, B.G. 23 May 2012. Villa Bagatelle exhibit highlights historic home and artists. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1 (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 16 May 2012. Falstaff dress rehearsal — a fresh look at a classic opera. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 3. (view article) (Related: ‘Performance art’ – Sketching opera in the dark)

Merkle, B.G. 18 May 2012. Young local writers impress at ImagiNation Writing Contest awards ceremony. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 1. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. April 2012.  “Inspire, Expire…” (Ayn-speer, ex-speer).  Once upon a time anthology, Blue Metropolis Foundation: 47-48. (view essay) (view complete anthology)

Merkle, B.G. 18 April 2012. Nadeshicon blooms: local Japanese cultural festival grows in its 4th year. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 8. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 04 April 2012. Quebec Historic Martial Arts Symposium takes a swing at the past. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 2. (view article)

Merkle, B.G. 14 March 2012. Backstage at the Shannon Irish Show. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph: 6, 7 & 10). (view article)