How did CommNatural help your project succeed?

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Consider explaining:

  1. what your project was,
  2. what challenges you faced that I helped you address, and
  3. how the outcome of your project might have been different if you had not invited me to contribute.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Your comments help me better understand how my services can enhance science communication and engagement efforts!

One Reply to “How did CommNatural help your project succeed?”

  1. Collaborating with Bethann on the artwork for an article on science communication and engagement was ideal. We loved Bethann’s aesthetic. She was responsive to our goals, able to creatively develop mock-ups, and engaged with us on the product development. She even suggested a way that the image could be “deconstructed” so that we could use parts for presentations or posters to expand the impact (and our investment).

    The graphic she developed will be used well beyond the article. It allows our team to highlight the key points of our work in ways that reach a broader audience. Bethann is the perfect collaborator for scientists who want an artist that “gets it” and can help their convoluted ideas to pop.

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