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The Drawn to the West line features simple-yet-elegant line drawings with a splash of color. These hand-drawn sketches are made on-location in the Mountain West. They are blank inside, printed in the U.S., and the cards and envelopes are made of sustainably sourced paper. Order now, to personalize your correspondence with these striking western vignettes. Drop-shipping available.

  • A 6% sales tax will be applied to all orders shipped to Wyoming. If you are charged this tax in error, I will refund it.
  • 10%of the proceeds of all Drawn to the WestTM greeting card sales are donated to the Laramie Public Art Coalition.
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  • Click here for the stories of the artwork featured on these cards.


For the first time, the Drawn to the West collections include cards featuring black-and-white photographs I originally created by hand, using a film camera and images printed in a classic wet darkroom. Order yours today – these are very limited print runs.

New! Limited quantity! Timeless Moments

bw_Timeless moments_photo_card_collection.png

5 cards ($12.50 + s&h)     25 cards ($55.00 + s&h)*PayPal_2

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I would love ALL the cards!”

― Boutique manager, contemporary art museum, Montana

New! Limited quantity! Taste of the West II

bw_taste of the west 2_card_collection.png

PayPal_24 cards ($10.00 + s&h)     16 cards ($35.00 + s&h)*

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Wintry Wonders

PayPal_24 cards ($10.00 + s&h)     16 cards ($35.00 + s&h)*

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Drawn to the West_holiday 2015

Drawn to the Holidays

PayPal_26 cards ($15.00 + s&h)     24 cards ($53.00 + s&h)*

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Flock Together 

PayPal_26 cards/2 of each ($15.00 + s&h)     24 card grab-bag* ($53.00 + s&h)**

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*Grab-bag will include a random assortment of these three images, for a total of 24 cards.


I think these are just fascinating! I got some for me, my daughter, and my daughter-in-law.” 
― Retired, Arizona

Drawn to the West_natural history color

Natural History in vivid color

PayPal_26 cards ($15.00 + s&h)     24 cards ($53.00 + s&h)*

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I just got the cards in the mail! Love em. I’ve sent a few out already!”

― Yoga instructor & mom, Arizona

Drawn to Science_icon.jpg

Drawn to SciencePayPal_2

Proceeds from sales of these cards will be donated to the ACLU.

6 cards ($15.00 + s&h)     24 cards ($53.00 + s&h)

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Miscellaneous sets_bulk icon10% discount!

PayPal-Verified-logo-transparentSets of 12 miscellaneous cards

$27/set + s&h*

Click here to purchase.

These grab-bag sets include a range of options from the full sets featured on the main page. You may also receive individual designs which are still in stock but no longer are available as sets.


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  • A species or an aspect of regional ecology or lifestyle.
  • Natural history collections include a description of key and/or interesting characteristics of the species depicted.
  • All cards and envelopes are printed in the USA on sustainably sourced paper.
  • All cards are blank inside. Now, this contradicts greeting card market wisdom, which insists “greeted” cards (the ones which already have a message inside) are the way card users want to see their cards. But, I have never been enthusiastic about having someone speak my sentiments for me, so these cards leave you the space to personalize your greeting. You’ll be able to adapt the illustration you’ve chosen to share, and your imagination’s the limit for how a bison or an iris can represent your relationship with the card recipient.


Support your local businesses by purchasing Drawn to the West cards at:

Big Hollow Food Coop, Laramie, WY; Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT; Latigo & Lace, Augusta, MT; Mountain Front Market, Choteau, MT; Wild Iris Mountain Sports, Lander, WY


Contact me directly to discuss customization options and bulk discounts.


Do you love the illustrations on these cards, but don’t see yourself (or the person to whom you’d like to give a gift) writing notes?

  1. Commission me to create you a unique illustration or watercolor painting. See my artwork shop page (half-way down, second item) for details, or just get in touch!
  2. Pick up a booklet of tips for field sketching, or
  3. Book one of my workshops!


Individual cards from the following sets may be available in the discount and grab-bag sets. Click here to view your options!

Drawn to the West_natural history b&w.jpg


Taste of the West collection (2016)_v4