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Drawn to the West: Illustrated cards

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I grew up writing letters to my grandmother on hand-made stationery I produced by photocopying my favorite horse photos, cutting them out, taping them on blank paper, and photocopying the whole ensemble.

Now, I’m thrilled to share with you a more grown-up version of my hand-made stationery.

These illustrated post & note cards feature some of my favorite creatures and plants. Many I drew on-location, in the sketchbooks I’ve been filling for over a decade. Click here for the stories of the artwork featured on these cards. Choose between vibrant color or classic black-and-white, all printed on sustainably sourced paper…or don’t choose, and get a grab bag I’ll select for you!

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Commissioned Drawings

Sparky the chicken
Sparky the chicken

Love the idea of an illustration, but don’t see the exact one you want?

Maybe you have a specific plant or animal you’d like illustrated. Maybe you have a special landscape, scene, or even a building or object in mind.

NO problem! Send me your reference photographs (no more than 3), and I will create a unique pen-and-ink drawing, with or without watercolor added (your choice!).

Get in touch, and we’ll talk size, style (sketchy or precise), color vs. black-and-white, etc.! 

 Sketching materials

20150729_095949Using quality materials makes sketching a little bit easier, because these materials are designed to produce visually appealing drawings.

That’s why I recommend stock art-quality materials. I provide recommendations for the same materials I use when I’m sketching in the woods, in my garden, or abroad. I offer a sketching basics guide you can purchase, and if you host or participate in one of my workshops, you’ll have the option get a full kit of my favorite materials.

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A 6% sales tax will be applied to all orders shipped to Wyoming. If this tax is charged in error, I will refund you.

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I fulfill and ship (insured with tracking number) your orders for commissions, greeting cards, and art kits.