Year ’round gardener series

I am probably not alone in this, but one of my first loves is food.

That, and knowing where it comes from.  After years studying exactly that question, and spending summer after summer grinding dirt into my knees, I had the happy opportunity to share some of what I’ve learned from numerous online, print and “walking” sources.  Think of this series as a ‘pay it forward’ for other enthusiastic gardeners looking for a  bit more information about what it’s like to garden where the earth is under several feet of snow half the year.  If you have tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments.

Taste of Heritage


The food my mama made, and the stories she told, flavor the recipes I make today.  So do the flavors of dishes made by friends from China, Goa (India), France and the American Southwest.  

A lot of factors contribute to my curiosity about why food traditions matter to people around the world: where I grew up, the fact that my parents don’t like wild game but my sister and I started hunting in college, and all the quirks of locally produced food, including ecological and sustainability-related considerations.  Since I’ve spent much of the past two years in a different country with a different language and lots of multi-cultural immigrants, I’ve had even more opportunities to pursue my curiosity.

Taste of Heritage investigates how special recipes and cooking traditions are a key part of family and cultural heritage.  If you have a recipe, meal or food-related tradition that you would like to share, please contact me. Multi-cultural themes, immigrant experiences, and “pûre laine” memories are welcome.

Click the links below to savor a Taste of Heritage: