Come sketch with me at the Biodiversity Institute open house


If you missed my recent workshops – and you’re in Laramie, WY – you’re in luck!

I’ll be a guest artist at the Biodiversity Center’s open house Thursday, September 3rd. Come by to learn/practice some basic observational sketching skills you can use anywhere. This is a great activity for “non-artists” and artsy folks alike – really. Trust me.

Biodiversity Institute open house_poster

A quick sketch for World Sea Turtle Day!

2014_Europe sketches (25)_sea turtle_clean_sigIt’s World Sea Turtle Day, and I just happen to have a sketch of a sea turtle hatchling!

I sketched this wee turtle, along with a handful of others in a display aquarium, last September. They were awaiting release at sunset, because the popular nesting site we visited was also one of Cyprus’s most popular beaches. Continue reading A quick sketch for World Sea Turtle Day!

Should we be feeding wild birds? How a desire to sketch birds led to a romp through the bird-feeding literature

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Group of finches_v1You can tell it’s spring; the Internet is aflutter with bird articles.

A lot of those articles relate closely to the two-part series I just wrapped up about attracting wild birds using methods informed by ornithology research.

I was inspired to investigate the subject because we have a “new-to-us” backyard that is bare dirt. A few trees and shrubs sit at the corners of the lot, but that’s it. We’ve begun by seeding in some native grasses and installing a vegetable garden, and now are considering what we could do to attract birds.

An artful look at eating meat

Eating Meat_The Learned Pig_screenshot (04.2015)

Ever since I first took an animal’s life with my own hands with the intention of eating it – a brook trout caught in a barely-big-enough-to-call-a-stream back in high school – I have been at turns fascinated and repulsed by what is involved with getting meat from hoof to dinner plate. This preoccupation predates my interests in science communication (#scicomm and #sciart) and persists to this day.

A lot of science and emotion is tied up in modern assessments of the ecological sustainability, morality, and even human/animal rights issues associated with eating meat. The British publication The Learned Pig recently published a photo essay of mine which explores the hands-on experience of killing, butchering, and eating meat. Continue reading An artful look at eating meat

Drawn to the West: a syndicated sciart column

If there’s anything I enjoy more than sketching and illustrating the world around me, it’s sharing…

…what I discover or wonder about with others through #scicomm projects and workshops. That’s what compelled me to launch Drawn to Quebec, an illustrated #sciart column about nature and culture, nearly one year ago.

Recently, I unpacked all my art materials, guide books, and gear into a new home on the windswept grasslands of Wyoming. And so I’ve returned to visually capturing what makes life so compelling in the high, dry, and sunny Mountain West of my childhood. Continue reading Drawn to the West: a syndicated sciart column