Mini-workshop: Using Analog Technology (Art!) to Teach Science

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I’ll be teaching a mini-workshop/crash course/ intro session on Wednesday at the University of Wyoming. We don’t have enough time to get too deep into skill-building (only 1.5 hours), so this session aims to get you excited about the idea of building skills (or resurrecting latent skills).

Teaching with Technology Series: Drawn to Science-Using Analog Technology (Art!) to Teach Science:

3/30/2016 ● 12:00-1:30 pm ● Coe Library 506 ● lunch provided for registered participants

Register here.

Hosted by: Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Wyoming

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Could #sketchyourscience be key to increasing appreciation of SciArt among ecologists?

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I’m a co-founder of the Ecological Society of America’s new Science Communication Section (#ESASciComm), so I am in a great position to infuse #sciart into #scicomm at ESA. I’ve done so with pleasure in scicomm workshops the past two years.

This year, at ESA’s annual conference/meeting (#ESA100) our section had a booth at which we encouraged folks to sketch their science.

We were blown away by how many people enthusiastically did so.

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Drawn to…conferences? How sketching can enhance your science conference experience

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Everyone can learn to sketch. Even you.

And there are plenty of reasons why you should seriously consider trying it like I advocated on last month.

Researchers have demonstrated that drawing (even without training) can:

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Workshop announcement: ‘Drawn to Science’ teacher professional development session in Wyoming

20150121_Harvard Forest_student workshopmp4 (32)_c_wm
Participants build drawing skills ‘tool kit’ through practice.
20150120_Harvard Forest_faculty workshop (3)_c_cr_rs
Professors and researchers in a recent workshop practice drawing landscapes.

I’m delighted to announce a new collaborator, the Wyoming Department of Education! The WDE organizers of an annual ‘Roadmap to STEM’ conference are as excited about integrating art into science learning as I am. So, we’re teaming up to bring an arts integration training session to Wyoming’s science teachers in early August.

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