IMG_2336_c_cr_rsI collaborate with scientists and science + sustainability organizations to enhance science communication – within academia and beyond – and to increase public appreciation for science and self-sufficiency.

My teaching focuses on how we can blend word craft and images to engage others in important – and not always glamorous – conservation developments and issues.

I work with research projects and institutions, and I offer workshops, presentations, and art/science experiences for audiences of all ages. Contact me to discuss your next project!


20140406_Marais du Nord (15)_c_wm_rsI offer customized coaching and instruction so that you can actually get better at not just what you say, but how, you engage others in your work. Coaching topic options include:

  • Public speaking and presentation design for conferences, public meetings, and other academic or public situations
  • Educational program/curriculum development
  • Educational program delivery

Instruction & Presentations

Outdoor Education: Children learning about natureI lead engaging and interactive courses, workshops, and presentations for audiences of all ages (specialized and general). I specialize in art-science synergy, integration of art and science in education, local/urban natural history, and everyday sustainability. Visit my calendar to see when I have workshops or presentations planned.

Most popular topics

Artful Science_workshops headerDrawing from life_workshops header

Specific workshop/presentation topics I cover

  • 20150121_Harvard Forest_student workshopmp4 (32)_c_wmArtful Science/Sketching for Scientists – drawing training for researchers, field scientists, and university students
  • Drawn to Science – training in drawing skills, drawing facilitation, and drawing assessment for science instructors k12+university; workshops for science students
  • Drawn to Nature – field trip sessions (even in your local park or schoolyard!) focusing on subjects such as nature journals, signs of wildlife; urban ecology; native plants; birdwatching, etc.
  • Drawn to Sustainability – I am a Master Gardener and lead sustainability life skills sessions on cold-climate gardening, landscaping for wildlife, recycling, composting, and food preservation. 
  • Find your Local Scientist – If you’re looking for a guest speaker or instructor with science/conservation biology skills, my Local Scientist project can connect you with a scientist in your area.

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Recent Examples

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My clients (individuals & organizations) have recently requested presentations and training on topics including the following:

  • Coaching for science presentations made at national and international conferences
  • Nature sketching workshops including drawing basics and nature drawing;
  • Drawing integration training for k12 and university instructors interested in using sketching as a learning and assessment tool in their classrooms
  • Public speaking about sustainability and natural history
  • Digital communication tools such as Digital Photography 101, MailChimp (an email newsletter system), website design, blogging and social media

Contact me today to enhance your communication and professional development efforts through personalized training.


“I used your facilitated nature drawing exercises with two groups I taught this weekend at Harvard Forest, and even though I’m not an artist, they thought I was! Thanks for the resources.” C. Hart, Harvard Forest Outreach & Development Manager for Education & Research Programs