Copy Writing

Deliberate, effective communication requires effort you may not have time for.  That’s where I come in.  I focus on your audience so you can focus on your work.

I am passionate about blending word craft and images to communicate about ecology, sustainability, food, and community.

My writing services creatively merge the arts, sciences, and community topics (like you) to tell compelling stories about the world around us.

Try custom text & copy writing! I can draft and/or polish text specific to your project.

My services are available for:

  • Science-related projects, including popular articles about your research, talking points, outreach and education materials, presentations, website copy, etc.
  • Sustainable food projects, including gardening, urban homesteading, cooking,
  • and the same options as those for science projects (above).
  • Nonprofit organizations, nature-based education programs, and small businesses.

Want to know a bit more?

See what I’ve already done, check out what facilitated brainstorming could do to get your writing project started, or contact me directly to discuss your project.