Science Communication

Scientific endeavors offer countless opportunities to share what is fascinating about the natural world with others.  

As you know, the way peer-reviewed articles, reports, talks, essays and popular writing are presented determines whether or not the general public recognizes that scientific results are a hard-won public commons.

Engaging and compelling communication requires effort you may not have time for.

That’s where I come in – I focus on your audience, so you can focus on your work.  With over a decade of outdoor education, communications, and biology experience, I am primed to help your project make an impact.

My specialties are:

  • Science communication for peer review and plain-language for the public (including editing for English-as-a-second-language)
  • Science and natural history photography and illustration
  • Professional, public outreach, media, educational and nonprofit projects

My services are:

I regularly collaborate with:

  • Government researchers
  • Magazines and journals
  • Media outlets
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • University researchers
  • View detailed resume/CV

Your project might be a/an:

  • Annual report
  • Article or essay
  • Book
  • Conference presentation or poster
  • Education initative
  • Event poster
  • Fundraiser
  • Grant proposal
  • Manuscript
  • Media article
  • Press release about current research or a recent publication
  • Popular article
  • Program brochure
  • Some website content
  • Or something else altogether!

NOTE: Consulting is limited to communications services in English.

Ready to take your project to the next level?


  • “I really appreciate all your excellent edits and suggestions. I’ve revised the doc (kind of a lot) and think the post is now much closer to the story I wanted to tell. Thank you SO much.” C. Hart, science communications director; Harvard Forest
  • “Well, I think it totally kicks ass! This has the Bethann stamp of artistic elan written all over it.”   J. Derbridge, chair of The Wildlife Society’s Student Professional Development Working Group
  • “Honestly, I think those are some of the coolest photos that I have seen come off of any of our [prescribed burns].  It clearly shows that we need to bring people with us that know how to use cameras.”  Fire Management Technician, Prince Albert National Park (Canada) re these images.

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