• Biodiversity Institute Art Grant (2016) & several other grants
  • Best Environmental Story (2015 short list)
  • Promoting Intellectual Engagement in the First Year teaching award (2015)
  • Best Special Section (2014)
  • Best Community Newspaper Promotion (2014)
  • Best Business Column or Feature (2013)
  • Outstanding photojournalist (2012)
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  • “We DEFINITELY have you in mind for almost every post we look at. We love your style and want to save you for something really awesome. You’ll be hearing from us again!!” The team at re these images
  • “Honestly, I think those are some of the coolest photos that I have seen come off of any of our [prescribed burns].  It clearly shows that we need to bring people with us that know how to use cameras.”  Fire Management Technician, Prince Albert National Park (Canada) re these images
  • “I love all of your floral renditions!  We’ll pick a couple to put on our “Naturalist Recommended Readings” book list as well.”  D. Cronenwett, The Nature Conservancy, Pine Butte Guest Ranch staff naturalist; custom natural history illustrations
  • “I can tell you’re good at sketches, and for sketches, it’s like writing a good summary.  You need to extract the graphical core of what you’re seeing!”  M. Basille, ecological research scientist
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  • “I used your facilitated nature drawing exercises with two groups I taught this weekend at Harvard Forest, and even though I’m not an artist, they thought I was! Thanks for the resources.” C. Hart, Harvard Forest Outreach & Development Manager for Education & Research Programs
  • It will be so wonderful to have you back, dedicating the journaling as a very solid piece of the curriculum….you are much needed. The evaluations showed that it wasn’t done as comprehensively and with as much skill by others.  You are such a great teacher with your journaling techniques, and imitation is never as good as the real thing!”  D. Fassnacht, Watershed Education Network Executive Director; serving as naturalist/field journaling instructor for summer watershed ecology program
  • “What you showed me on our backpack trip has been immensely valuable.  I think I’m a better observer, thanks to you!”  G. Killeen, literature professor and aspiring nature artist
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  • “I’m really happy with your comments, they contribute to improve a lot the proposal! What you mean is it’s not  so much about what I did, but the way to present it and make sure the referee will understand why it’s important.  I love it!” Ecology researcher re project proposal submitted to European Commission’s Marie Curie Actions International Outgoing Fellowship program; France
  • “If you need help with your English-language text, Bethann is the best! (And I don’t say that because she is a friend! She really is good at her work.)”  French community development specialist and science industry “head hunter”
  • “I really appreciate all your excellent edits and suggestions. I’ve revised the doc (kind of a lot) and think the post is now much closer to the story I wanted to tell. Thank you SO much.” Science communications director; Ivy League university, USA
  • “I found my article among the ‘Most Read International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation Articles.’  Hereby, I would like to thank you for your help, support and encourages during my research and publication.”  Geomatics researcher; Iran, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada
  • “I think you made great and very appropriate comments. I  hope you enjoyed reading it. I really think you do a very good job. Yes I will talk about you if someone needs this kind of work.”  Public health researcher; Quebec, Canada
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  • “I just saw your story in the Chronicle-Telegraph. Great job!  Nicely written article and we certainly appreciate the good press for the consulate.”  P. O’Donohue, U.S. Consul General
  • “Just a note to congratulate Bethann G. Merkle on the article Developpement St-Michael and Espace St-Michael. It is both accurate and complete, and I have never been quoted better!  She did a fine job.” Parish member at St-Michael ESM & DSM board member
  • “The northern lights article was awesome!!  You got such good photos and what a show! Congratulations and thanks for the article. I am already sharing it with friends and family.”  C. Ruggiero, alternative health specialist
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  • ” I just love sitting with you.  You gave me many ideas and bolstered my confidence.”  Music production entrepreneur, Quebec City re facilitated brainstorming sessions
  • “No one reflects and plans forward like you!” D. Fassnacht, WEN Executive Director; program planning and outreach
  • “It is clear that Bethann’s organizing skills and professionalism continued to raise MUD to a level that has not been seen in years!  I believe she was critical in getting the MUD organization organized – and kept not only the volunteers focused toward that, but the Board as well.” Missoula Urban Demonstration Project (MUD) board member
  • “Your summary of the whole Green Audit process is simply brilliant, wow! Very readable, just great!  Thanks again for your input, your work, and your patience!”  Dean, Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (Quebec, QC)



  • “I keep going back to look at the website, and spent some time clicking everything just now.  It makes me happy….This is my new happy place.  When I look at the disorderly state of my desk, the website transports me to the calm realm.”  W. Seys, Executive Director, Yamaska Literacy Council  re this new website
  • “Well, I think it totally kicks ass! This has the Bethann stamp of artistic elan written all over it.”   J. Derbridge, chair of SPDWG; Brochure and poster redesign for The Wildlife Society’s Student Professional Development Working Group 
  • “Really have appreciated your most valuable input. You are clear, concise, and have a wealth of wisdom; awesome job!”  L. Sentz, Neighbors Helping Neighbors co-founder and board chair; Logo design consultation for NHN
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