Facilitation Testimonials

  • “No one reflects and plans forward like you!”  D. Fassnacht, Watershed Eduaction Network Executive Director; place-based program planning and outreach
  • “Very pleased with the work and professionalism demonstrated.”  Literacy Volunteers of Quebec board member re communications planning and website re-design process

  • “Thank-you for the inspiration of your vision, thoroughness and readiness to engage, Bethann.  You’ve taken us significantly further than I’d thought possible at what seems still an early stage.  Although verdant, you don’t let the grass grow under your feet when you’re preparing for vegetables!”  Deacon C. Patterson, Anglican Diocese of Quebec re strategic planning and organizational facilitation for founding of Diocese’s “Green Ministries” initiative
  • “Bethann is going to leave a huge gap when she leaves later on in the year. She has made a huge contribution to the QCT, really helped to put it on the map. Thank you!  Perhaps she may want to stay involved as a ‘foreign correspondent’ or something? It’s not for me to say, but it would be great to have her input, enthusiasm and advice on things.” Journalist, Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph
  • “I couldn’t agree more – well done! We’re so proud of how far we’ve come in a few short years. Do you think we could convince Bethann and Jerod to make a permanent home in Quebec?” S. Stanton, London Publishing Company (owner and publisher of Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph)
  • “Thank-you again for sharing your expertise, passion and kindness with us.”  Anglican Diocese of Quebec – Green Ministries commitee member
  • “I just love sitting with you, chatting and eating.  You gave me many ideas and bolstered my confidence.”  Music production entrepreneur, Quebec City re facilitated brainstorming sessions
  • “Your summary of the whole Green Audit process is simply brilliant, wow! Very readable, just great!  Thanks again for your input, your work, and your patience!”  Dean C. Schneider, Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (Quebec, QC)


Bethann served as co-director during strategic planning and
revitalization period at Missoula Urban Demonstration Project (MUD)
  • “It actually is a little difficult to know where to start, but only because Bethann has been terrific in her position with MUD.  She is always: cheerful and upbeat, very well organized, full of good ideas, and taking initiative when needed.”  MUD board member
  • “Bethann’s persistent tact when dealing with goofy board members (me included) and odd MUD members, the public in general, and fellow organizations constantly amazes me.” MUD board member
  • “Bethann has taken to the challenges of operating at MUD quite nicely! It is comforting knowing she is at the helm… It is clear that Bethann’s organizing skills and professionalism continued to raise MUD to a level that has not been seen in years!  I believe she was critical in getting the MUD organization organized – and kept not only the volunteers focused toward that, but the Board as well. She has always been a positive force around MUD. MUD is lucky to have her.” MUD Tool Librarian
  • “Bethann has been an incredible asset to MUD. She brings a detail-oriented approach to working with the board on various committees and when dealing with various issues that arise. She is diplomatic, but also assertive if she believes in a certain issue/approach. She is very intelligent and thoughtful as well, and it’s obvious that she is always thinking of ways to improve our processes.” MUD board member
  • “She is able to offer suggestions, give guidance and keep an eye on the overall picture of the program while allowing me to develop my own creative ideas.  She allows each person to bring their strengths to a project and supplements where needed with support and encouragement.  She has been wonderful to work with!  The framework she has created is proving invaluable to the sustainability of each program.  I feel hopeful that her contribution will be obvious long after she leaves.” MUD Youth Education Coordinator
  • “From my perspective, she has done an absolutely remarkable job of updating our systems and keeping us crotchety tool librarians happy at the same time.  She comes to us with multiple ideas but never forces us into anything without being open to our input.  Not once during the year and a half has she shown impatience or frustration in front of us.  She is very diplomatic in all her interactions across the board, staff, and members and seems to always find time to help with a forgotten password or an inane question about where to find some forms.” MUD Tool Librarian
  • “She has demonstrated truly exceptional people skills.  The database and web improvements have clearly involved an enormous amount of work on her part and we are light years ahead of where we were when she arrived.  We will be thanking her for years ahead for this.” MUD board member
  • “Bethann has not only been an exceptional teacher and mentor, but her dedication to MUD and enthusiasm for making it even better is inspiring.  She is a “make it happen” kind of person, which has not only benefited us here at MUD, but also the greater Missoula community.” MUD VISTA volunteer