Illustration Testimonials


  • Pufferfish_v1Fish ecologist re illustrations for scicomm piece: Oh wow, they’re wonderful! So exciting!! […] I quite like the literal take because for some of the nests it may be hard to envision what is happening without an actual depiction of the nest. […] I would say that the cichlid, stickleback and bluehead (LOVE THIS, WOW!) depict the nests + males very well. The pufferfish image has the male doing the shimmying motion (awesome!) […].
  • Science-Art website: “We DEFINITELY have you in mind for almost every post we look at. We love your style and want to save you for something really awesome. You’ll be hearing from us again!!” The team Frog in pants_v4_rs_wmat re these images

  • J & M with telemetry_color_white hatScientist interested in sketching: “I can tell you’re good at sketches!  For sketches, it’s like writing a good summary: you need to extract the graphical core of what you’re seeing!” M. Basille, ecological research scientist
  • Art director of state fish & game agency magazine: “Wow, beautiful work! I really like your illustrative style, it’s very fluid and expressive. I’ll definitely make a mental ‘note’ of your work for consideration of future stories.” Art director, Montana Outdoors magazine, produced by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
  • Teaching sketching and field journaling: “I need you back to lead the field journaling.  You’d be the perfect person to do that, absolutely, no question.  […]  You brought so much to the WildCiv program and are still at the nexus.”  N. Phear, University of Montana Climate Change Studies program coordinator and co-founder; former University of Montana Wilderness and Civilization coordinator
  • Click here for more sketching and field journal workshop testimonials. –>
  • Penguins_Biodome (12.2012)_ps_rsWildlife illustrations for conference document: “Very nice!  Very impressive and just what is be needed to dress up a stodgy document!” Dr. P. Krausman, Chair of University of Montana’s Boone and Crockett Club Wildlife Research program
  • Newspaper reader re illustrated science/nature column: “I find Bethann’s articles on  our animal kingdom most enjoyable. Her illustration are wonderful – ducklings, birds , fish . we are so luck to have this talent here in our community.” I.S. Barry, re the Drawn to Quebec column
  • Art & Science: “Drawing and science – a great combination indeed!” Koosje Koene, illustrator & co-founder of Sketchbook Skool


  • 20140124_sketches (14)_c_sigSketching in a museum: “What an interesting and original  view from Paris exhibition! I love your sketches.”  S. Toupin, science curator, Musée de la Civilization re these sketches from a MdlC exhibit.
  • Sketching at the opera: “Oh how lovely!  You really captured the spirit of the event.”  S. Nadeau, soprano, Orchestra Symphonique de Quebec, re opera live sketches


  • La Traviata (10.18.2012)_Alfredo & Violetta_opera_sig_rsSketching for the newspaper: 
    • “Just a quick note to tell you that I really love your artwork. What a wonderful idea to boost a real good article and make it excellent.” Newspaper reader re illustrated article in community paper
    • “Your ‘messy’ watercolor sketches are GORGEOUS!” J. Meyer-Vaughan re this article


  • Botanical illustrationWatercolor commission: “The painting for Arnie and Rachel was priceless and I loved it!  I thought that she was going to cry!”  D. Baker, The Nature Conservancy, Pine Butte Guest Ranch staff naturalist Office Manager
  • 30 custom illustrations for 2nd edition cookbook: “I love all of your floral renditions!  The larkspur on page 10 of the cookbook is beautiful.  We’ll pick a couple to put on our “Naturalist Recommended Readings” book list as well.”  D. Cronenwett, The Nature Conservancy, Pine Butte Guest Ranch staff naturalist; custom natural history illustrations
  • Request to use sketches for fundraiser promotion: “Thank you so much! The sketches are wonderful! I will use them for our next Cultural Interlude and I will let you know which ones we use for our poster.” G. Quinn, Coordinator at Jeffery Hale Friends Foundation, re Cultural Interlude II sketches