Writing Testimonials

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“Just read your article in Western Confluence. Wonderful topic. We are planning a Citizen Science workshop for the Wyoming Outdoor Council conference. Your article gave me some more ideas. So, thanks!” M. Escudero

“A very fun story with an important environmental message about eels. Excellent use of science, clear writing, and a good illustration.” – Quebec Community Newspaper Association judge, upon awarding my article “An eel is an eel is an eel, or is it?” 3rd place in the Best Environmental Reporting category

“The northern lights article was awesome!!  You got such good photos and what a show! Congratulations and thanks for the article. I am already sharing it with friends and family.”  C. Ruggiero

“I really enjoyed the trash reduction article by Bethann Merkle.  It was just in line with what many in our community are trying to do in our homes and schools.  That article really gave me great numbers and information to pass on to other interested parties and highlight the great benefits it can have with little cost.”  – J. Nivishuik, Be Active Quebec coordinator

“I am really enjoying the ‘Taste of Heritage’ series.  I feel the articles are in touch with real things going on around me, and the writing in the last article made me want to head out to the farm stands even more.”  R.  Gauthier



It’s pretty neat to think that telling a story well can actually lead to recognition, not just for the topic covered but for those telling the story. I’ve been recognized numerous times for the caliber of writing I do – for clients and for my own projects. Click here to see which projects were winners or contact me today to start working on what could be your winning communications project.


I work with scientists and nonprofits to communicate about ecology, natural history, food systems, and sustainability. Specifically, I edit academic manuscripts and popular texts, and also accept assignments to write articles. I can also edit or consult on drafting website copy and presentation scripts. Click here to learn more.

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